Snappers in Costa Rica

Snappers in Costa Rica

Snappers in Costa Rica

Snappers are found in tropical and subtropical areas of every ocean. They belong to the family of perciform fish called Lutjanidae. Snappers are mainly salt water fish but they are also found in freshwater such in estuaries and river mouths. Besides being the trophy sporting fish, snappers also make a good meal. There are over 60 types of snappers and in Costa Rica, only three types are usually seen; red snapper, yellowtail snapper and grey snapper. They can reach over the size of 1 meter in length. Their weight usually differs from type to type. Snappers are also quite a popular aquarium fish but they grow rapidly to be kept for too long. Snappers in Costa Rica are present in Pacific Ocean, Caribbean Sea and freshwater estuaries. They are present throughout the year and no time is a bad time to catch them! On your tropical vacation to Costa Rica, challenge yourself to catch a snapper!

Red Snappers

Red Snappers have a red and pink in color with a white bottom. They feature a triangular bill and a sharp anal fin. They can weigh up toSnappers in Costa Rica120 pounds. They inhabit the rock formations, wrecks and reefs closer to the bottom up to the depth of 200 feet. Young snappers prefer to live in muddy bottoms. Their average life span is 20 years. They feed upon crustaceans and small fish species. Once hooked, they get quite aggressive and put up a great fight.

Grey Snapper

Grey Snapper has a grey or dark brown body with orange or red spots laterally. It features tow dog-type teeth on the upper jaw. They weigh up to 10 pounds and prey on crustaceans and tiny fishes.

Yellowtail Snapper

Yellowtail Snapper has an olive colored body with blue and yellow spot. It is a light fish that weighs around 3 pounds and hardly reaches over the length of 30 inches. It feeds on tiny fish, crustaceans and invertebrates.


Snappers in Costa Rica


Author: Annie Watts

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