Sea Bass in Costa Rica

Sea Bass in Costa Rica

The sea bass is a salt water fish which is PC020135closely related to groupers. The sea bass is one of the most sought after game fishes in Costa Rica. Not only it is a good catch, it also makes an excellent meal! Sea bass is commonly found in bays, coastal waters and inshore. It is not uncommon to find them offshore up to the depth of 130 meter. They dwell near the ocean floor gathered around rock formations, reefs, piers and wrecks. They are ‘overfished’ species and in some states, fishermen can only keep the fish if its size is more than 13 inches.


The sea bass has a stout body which is covered with large scales. Sea bass has a dark brown or black colored body with a striped dorsal fin. The fish is a protogynous hermaphrodite which means that adult female sea bass transforms into a male who can breed! They reach over the length of 20 inches and can weigh up to 4.3 kg!

Habitat and Dietary Habits of a Sea Bass

Sea bass prefers to live on the bottom of the sea. They are omnivorous species and feed on the ocean floor. Their diet includes Sea Bass1crustaceans, shellfish, and small fishes.

Sea Bass – Where to Find in Costa Rica

Sea Bass in Costa Rica can be found along the Pacific Coast, both offshore and offshore, such as in Flamingo Bay, Drake Bay, Quepos, Manuel Antonio, Tamarindo, Osa Peninsula, Guanamar, and the list goes on.

Sea Bass in Costa Rica


Author: Annie Watts

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